Wk 2 – Classmate Conversation – Misty

This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to speak to Misty, she is a third year at the university but technically they still refer to her as a 2nd year because she has not yet declared. I asked her if anything interesting happened to her in the past week and she told me of her experience at a swap meet. Misty went to Chino Hills to go to a swap meet and to her surprise, she saw someone was selling a toucan! What made this seem even more sketchy to her was that the man posted signs on his booth saying not to take any pictures. So I went ahead and googled if toucans are illegal in California and turns out they are legal, I guess the man selling them just really didn’t want pictures to be taken. So next I told Misty of my interesting event, which was my mini car accident. We then started talking about us as a driver and compared to Misty, I shouldn’t even be driving. I have 2 speeding tickets and a car accident on my record, and the only “bad” thing Misty has done was give her mom a ticket in the past because Misty removed her seat belt while she and her mom were still driving. Talking to Misty definitely convinced me that I’m not a good driver and that I definitely need to start obeying the rules.img_0838-1


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