Wk 2 – Art Experience – Landscapes with a Corpse

For this week’s art activity, I decided to make a trilogy of my death. The first image shows me walking home alone on the streets at night and a man appears behind me. I never walk home alone at night, but maybe one day I’ll be in a situation where I have no choice but to walk by myself. In this scene, it is so cold and I find myself only focused on trying to remain warm. The thought of checking if someone else is following me does not even cross my mind. Instead, I’m thinking of how I could shove my hands deeper in my pockets and force my arms closer to my body in order to maintain my body heat.

The second image shows the man catching up to me where it then occurs to me that someone was following me this whole time. Typical of a bad guy to be dressed in all black, hood on, and holding a gun to their victims head. At this point, the cold no longer is a problem. The problem now is how am I going to get away from someone who is in control of the situation. I am only a young woman, weaker and weaponless against a man who is armed and has twice my strength. The cold fades away and feelings of anxiety and fear with rapid heart beats comes into play. Young girls out by themselves late at night usually never make it home okay and I had to face the fact that I might not be okay tonight.

The third and final image then shows the man fleeing after shooting me. From the start, I had no hope of outsmarting or out fighting the man. He continuously had his eye on me while I had no idea he was even around me. He also had a gun whereas I had no weapon. Maybe this man was a serial killer and this was just a normal thing for him, or maybe he was just a homeless guy so desperate to get his fix that he had no choice but to kill me just to check if I had any cash on me. Whatever it may be, I was defenseless and this was the night I would not be making it home okay.


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