Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Joseph

For this week’s classmate conversation, I met Joseph outside of one of the galleries we were supposed to look at for this week’s assignment. I had just casually gone up to him and started talking to him, then we started walking through the galleries that were open and discussed what we thought about some of the art pieces. Our conversation was so informal and free-flowing that we even forgot to introduce ourselves until like 10 minutes into talking with one another. Joseph is a 2nd-year business major, and he works for a company that sets up audio for major companies like Google and Yahoo. I thought this was pretty impressive, even more so when he told me some of his coworkers are making six figures, and he could be making that much too. Joseph and I stood on the topic of jobs for quite some time, and he told me how he used to work at In n Out, which paid him $14.50 starting. I always knew In n Out paid their workers well, but I didn’t know it was that much money. Definitely shocked me of how good the wage was. I’m not too sure how Joseph and I got to this topic, but we started talking about cars. Turns out, he has a Mazda 3 hatchback just like me! What are the odds of that? This, in particular, was my favorite part of our conversation because we both are into cars and sharing our car goals with each other was just an awesome time. I definitely enjoyed talking with him and I could see myself  being friend’s with Joseph especially because we share the same hobby, which is cars.


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