Wk 4 – Art Activity – Art Care Package (ACP)

I decided to make an art care package for my uncle Jose. He’s about 10 years older than me, quite a big age gap, but we sometimes hang out and enjoy doing the same things together. I decided to pick my uncle, in particular, to make this art care package for because this he’s into art and has a ton of tattoos all over his body, which is a form of art. I figured because I know him so well, I could easily put together a package that is full of things that remind me of him and has some type of artistic feel to it.

On the weekend I went to some wilderness trail with my friends and all along the way were blunt wrap packages that made me think of my uncle. Suddenly, I had the perfect idea that I should make my uncle a collage using these blunt wraps that I found on my adventure. I collected so many different brands of wraps and all different colors. On a piece of cardboard, I carefully tapped the wraps making a colorful collage. For the most part, whenever I see my uncle, I always see him roll at least 1 blunt so the blunt collage is definitely a perfect art creation for him that exactly represents him and what he likes to do. The Denny’s sugar packet is just a random sugar package that I took the day before when I was with my uncle Jose. The white paper with a drawn skull is my drawing of one of his easier tattoos to draw that he has on his arm. Lastly, in the middle is a package where actual cannabis was in and on it is graffiti writing, which is art. I’m not too sure what the writing says, but I found it in his car and asked if I can take it.

Sending this ACP is similar to sending someone a snapchat because  both have to do with sending a person something that reminds you of them. Everything in this ACP are all things that remind me of my uncle Jose and who I would only send to my uncle Jose. Sending his ACP is different from sending someone a Snapchat because I had to take more time and put in more effort to making this. It was a more intimate process because I put more meaning behind everything. Sending a snapchat is just so quick and easy to do. I feel ephemera is precious to a specific audience. To someone who doesn’t know a thing about rolling blunts may find my collage as trash, but I’m sure my uncle will find it to be precious and “dope.” Over time ephemera gains value because it constantly brings back memories and it acts as like a priceless piece of treasure. My ACP is different from art in a museum because my art is only intended for 1 person, but art in a museum is intended for a bigger audience. Artists in museums are looking to inspire while I’m just simply hoping to create something meaningful for only 1 pair of eyes to see and enjoy.


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