Wk 5 – Art Activity – Automatic Drawing

This week’s activity was different because this time I actually needed the help of another person. So my art creation wasn’t solely going to be my own creation, another individual would be contributing to the production of the final piece. For the automatic drawing, I decided to have my neighbor help me since she was the closest person to me. I actually would have liked to do this assignment a little tipsy, but last night’s event made me want to stay away from drinking for quite some time.

Prior to beginning our drawing, I already had an idea in my head of what I wanted to created and I made sure not to tell my neighbor. I was trying to created some sort of infinity sigh. I wanted my neighbor to have her own vision and move the crayon the way she wanted to. As we began to move the crayon, I tried moving in the direction that I wanted to go in, but I was always shortly stopped. My neighbors opposite force caused my vision to quickly disappear and so I decided to just chaotically move the crayon in which ever direction had the least amount of tension from my neighbors end.  The result of our colliding forces resulting in this. Nothing near to what I wanted to create but that’s okay. To me it looks like something a 3 year old scribbled but nonetheless, its a creation that 2 adult colliding forces created!


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