Wk 6 – Art Activity- Zine & Flip Books

I decided to do this activity with inspiration from saturday night. Like most young college students on saturday night I partied and was around the usual alcoholic beverages and bad influences. I made my zine off of the names of alcoholic beverages. It sounded like a pretty easy and cute thing to do. I haven’t tried have of these drinks so I don’t really know if they are good. Google rated these drinks as being the top alcoholic drinks so I went with it.

It was easiest to come up with the names that I wanted to include after the drink name. I would have been stoked to do a whole alphabet book full of drinks but I didn’t think there would be one for each letter. It was a really fun activity to find names that rhymed with the alcoholic drink name. The hard part for me was drawing the beverages. I drew them based off images off google in accordance with their actual drink name. I would have rather drew people drunk and holding the drink in their hand but with my artistic skills that would definitely not have turned out nice. Overall this activity was fun for me and gave me a few laughs when coming up with names for things.


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