Wk 6 -Artist Conversation – Fictional Story

Must Destroy, Wow

Carmina Correa

Water color on paper

30″ x 20″

CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Once upon a time an abandoned scientist that once lived in the heart of Los Angeles, decided to get back at the people for what they have done to him. No one believed the things he could do, or what he’s capable or doing. After spending countless of hours & days putting things together, a thought came to his mind. Instead of testing different chemical potions to create people, he decided to create something that no one would ever think of. After weeks of thought, he created a monster. Charles, was his name. He took over the city, destroying it piece by piece. The scientist had so much anger boiled up in his body that he decided to set the whole city on fire, then later take over the world. Hours later, the whole U.S. military was fighting this dog while the scientist moved away to Cabo.




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