Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Jonah Coloma

Exhibition Information

Artist: Jonah Coloma
Exhibition: Xenophobia
Media: Reductive monotype
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery
Instagram: @Rjbcme

About the Artist

Jonah Coloma is a third year student who transferred to California State University Long Beach from Long Beach City College. He is currently working to receive his bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialization in Monotype at the university.

Formal Analysis

Jonah’s Xenophobia is a monotype, which is a one of a kind, hand-pulled print. Each production of the print is an original and can never be reproduced to be exactly the same. Jonah’s piece has elements that flow smoothly into each other and his intention was to create a dramatic image.

Content Analysis

In his piece entitled Xenophobia, Jonah portrays the current political situation concerning Trump’s rule. This Dutzi gallery was specifically filled with artwork relating to the recent refugee crisis and Trump’s administration, so Jonah leaves us with this piece to represent just that. The dark shadow represents a person, although others may think it is something other than a person. The dark figure in the middle of the piece and the use of black all throughout refer to the rough times we as a nation are currently facing. Jonah intended for his piece to scare viewers, so this is why he decided to use the contrasting black and white.

Synthesis / My Experience

This exhibit and Jonah’s piece in particular were most interesting to me because it made me think and connect the intention of this piece to my personal life. What caught my eye at first was the fact that the piece appears to be mysterious and creepy. The word xenophobia means an intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries. Trump’s decisions and beliefs are that immigrants should remain out of the United States, so Jonah does well in labelling Trump as having a fear of outsiders. Overall, this piece to me represents the darkness that Trump is bringing with him.



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