Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – Dylan

This week I talked to Dylan, a 2nd student at CSULB who is majoring in computer science. I thought it was cool how we are both majoring in science related majors, even though mine has to do with biology. I had asked Dylan if he’s good with computer software, like editing things, but to my surprise his major related classes only have to do with solving problems using a computer program. It would have been really cool if he could edit photos and videos, but I think that’s some other major, like Film & Photography. To me, the computer science major seems so uninteresting, but I hope to see Dylan do big things in that field. Dylan told me that he’s going to see the film Logan this weekend, which is a newly released American superhero movie about Wolverine. I’m not really much into Marvel movies, but I do think they are really good. I would just prefer to watch a funny or scary movie. It was nice meeting and talking to Dylan and I might take into consideration watching Logan.


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