Wk 8 – Art Activity – Finger Painting

I was actually really excited about this art activity because it would allow me to get a little dirty. This activity in particular reminded me of my kindergarten days when I life was easy and our in class assignments would be things like finger painting. All of my homework this weekend consisted of solving problems and writing notes, so this activity was a perfect little getaway from all my hard, stressful assignments. The hardest part about the assignment was choosing the colors. I wanted to stick with 3 colors from a basic watercolor box with 8 colors. Since this decision was so difficult for me, I asked 3 different people to choose the colors and I just hoped they would all be colors that complimented each other. The colors chosen were orange, yellow, and blue. I’m pretty happy with these 3 colors since they’re all very bright and remind me of summer.

Making a painting with no subjects was extremely liberating, and I might even call it therapeutic. I simply just dipped my fingers in water, rubbed them onto a single color, and freely moved about the paper. I used only 3 fingers and moved them in wave-like motions. The only maybe “annoying” part of this was that my fingers would run out of paint and I was only able to make short streaks. I didn’t even intended for this, but I love how the left of the image has more of my finger streaks, and it lessens as you look right. To the right, there seems to me a lot more white spots and to me this just looks amazing. I could compare this painting to abstract paintings, ones that don’t have a subject but only show colors that run into or mix with each other. Overall, I enjoyed this assignment.

Update! After showing my friends my art piece, I asked them what they saw, and 2 of us both agreed that if you turn it with the whiter side at the bottom, then it looks like orange and blue people dancing around something. Maybe it’s an event or party, I can totally see that. IMG_1477


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