Wk 9 – Art Activity – Graffiti Art

When I read that this week’s art activity was going to be Graffiti writing, I was actually really excited. I’ve always really admired graffiti especially since I have been exposed to it while growing up. My oldest brother is an artist and growing up he would always tag. I used to love it when he would write my name, so doing this activity made me go out and actually have to do this myself. I wanted my colors to stand out so I chose silver and some sort of army green. Once I started painting, I immediately felt discouraged. I never realized how hard it was to do graffiti art! I feel like I would definitely need to practice a lot for me to ever be able to get a bubble letter down. Overall it was a fun activity to do, especially because I knew of a local tagging spot surrounded by nature. To my surprise, there was actually some local taggers tagging at the exact spot that we were at. There was about 10 people in total, so it was definitely cool getting to first hand see some people make cool graffiti art.


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