Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – May Roded

Exhibition Information

Artist: May Roded
Exhibition: Anamnesis
Media: Reductive monotype
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery
Instagram: @rawartists

About the Artist

May Roded is a senior at CSULB’s College of the Arts with a BFA Printmaking major. She is familiar with and enjoys working with all types of print making methods, but her favorites are screen printing and relief printing. Screen printing is simply creating a picture of pattern by forcing ink onto a surface through a prepared screen of fine material. Where as relief printing is printing from raised images, as in letterpress and flexography. Although her major emphasis is in Printmaking, May likes to incorporate elements of photography in her work. Inn her exhibition Anamnesis, her work explores ideas about the construction of memory and how memories can either be vivid and easy to remember, or blurry and hard to recollect.

Formal Analysis

Memory Formation, one of the pieces displayed in May Roded’s exhibit, incorporates various mediums including wood and its screen print technique. These different elements on 12 different panels come together to created the image of a single chair. Notice how some of the panels shows a blurry, distorted image of the chair, while other showed a more clear, visible chair.

Content Analysis

May Roded’s piece is a representation of how humans tend to remember things. Certain memories we are able to recall vividly and accurately, while other memories we can hardly remember. Rode uses various mediums to depict a chair in the form of a memory, in which some aspects are clear while others are distorted..


Synthesis / My Experience

Looking at May Roded’s art piece made me take into consideration how it’s true that some memories are more clear than others. Lately I’ve been struggling to remember what happened on certain days and this piece made me thing about my own memories. I really enjoyed viewing her piece and connecting it to my own life.


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