Wk 10 – Art Activity – Architecture

I wasn’t too thrilled when I read that this week’s activity had to do with me being the architect because that usually means I have to draw somewhat precise and accurate. The wedge I chose to fix is the USU wedge because I walk through it everyday to class. It’s never really been an annoyance or problem for me though since i’ve never had to “fight” to get my way through. My solution to this structural issue was simple. The glossy stone wall that creates the small wedge needed to go. I’m not even quite sure what the purpose of that wall is, but I think CSULB can do without it. I guess it is aesthetically pleasing to look at, but for the sake of creating more walking space it should go. Next, I would also shift the seating blocks further from the wall so that there could be a 2 lane walk way. I would expect more people to be walking through the newly made space once it’s complete and i’m sure the students would be happy to no longer be guessing which person is going to walk through it first. IMG_1704


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