Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Clare Samani

Exhibition Information

Artist: Clare Samani
Exhibition: Dressed 
Media: Clothes and Print
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Instagram: @clares_printing

About the Artist

Clare Samani is currently a senior at CSULB who studies printmaking. Once graduated, she hope to attend a grad program out in Louisiana. Originally she came from the San Fernando Valley suburbs but now resides in Long Beach for school. Clare says she likes fashion and is intrigued by the expression of others. The colors she uses in her works are based on the particular person, but if she does not know the person she uses colors based off observations. Her works focus on the idea that that context of identity is complex and vast.

Formal Analysis

Much of Clare’s art is made using soft mixtures and shades of colors. In each piece there were two important elements: 1) the piece of clothing and 2) the background. The background was always given a color that compliments the piece of clothing perfectly. Many pieces utilize only one color, but differentiate the clothing from the background by only changing the shade of the color.

Content Analysis

Clare’s work is created purely from painting or drawing without direction. She allows her brush to free flow and create without a plan. In her works, Clare focuses on identity, pattern design, and Americana. She explores how symbolism and identity is connected with people and clothing. Through fashion, she is able to further explore gender and identity. Much of her works allow for the exploration of the self though clothing.

Synthesis / My Experience

Looking at Clare Samani’s art gave me a homey vibe. Walking into the gallery was like walking into a home. Her images were so simple, yet I enjoyed looking. The clothing in the pieces weren’t types of clothing that I would usually wear, but they were still beautiful to look at. Overall her gallery exhibition was nice and I loved her concept.


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