Wk 12 – Art Activity – Ethnography

For this week’s art activity I decided to have all my friends be involved. Since some of them are ending on spring break we wanted to do something adventurous. Once person decided to go to Joshua Tree and I had never even heard of this before. But apparently you go out to Joshua Tree which is like 30 minutes passed Morongo in Palm Springs, I think, and can pay $25 for a 7-day parking permit. So basically we could go out there, leave out car parked in a lot, and just roam the whole  national park for the day/night. For the sake of my assignment I had us all no longer use our phones for the rest of the day after noon. It was actually pretty scary not using electronics because I remember we roamed off so far and climbed over so many boulders that we would not be able to find our way back as the sun set. Because we had spent the day just hiking everywhere, it was easy for us to not even think about our phones. The whole time we just talked about where we should go or random things like what Netflix shows are good. When sun started to set, we were all on top of some boulders and I knew this was a bad idea. I actually started to freak out because it got dark so quick and so enough we had to find our way down tall mountains of boulders. Once we found our way back down we set up our tents and lit our lanterns and cuddled in our single blankets to stay warm. We all actually really enjoyed being without any electronics because it allowed us to better enjoy the simple things in life. I would definitely consider even going a whole week without any electronics and just camp out in Yosemite, I think I’ll make that my next adventure!



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