Wk 14 – Classmate Conversation – Gabi

This week I met Gabi who was actually from the 2:30pm class. She’s a 1st year and is currently studying to major in kinesiology. At first she wanted to be a physical therapist but now leans toward occupational therapy. She lives in Hawthorne and commutes to school daily. Her hobbies include watching Netflix and going to the beach, both things I love too! We both had watched the show “13 Reasons Why” and felt it was so sad. Gabi has one dog, dixie, and 2 sisters, one full and one half. We both had the same beliefs about sororities, too expensive and probably a waste of time. We also had the same sport interests, she swam and played volleyball on a club team, just like me. Her favorite food is pasta, any type she says! I think she would very much so enjoy Lascari’s, my favorite local Italian spot. Every year, Gabi goes to Germany because her mom is German. It takes 12 hours to get there, but she says sometimes she stops in Canada first, which is 5 hours, and then to Germany, which is 6 hours. She had been flying since 18 months so airplanes aren’t such a big deal to her. Not only has she been to Germany, but also Aruba, Austria, and Iceland! So awesome, I haven’t even been outside the U.S. but I’m definitely looking forward to one day paying a visit to Germany and all the other surrounding places.


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