Wk 15 – Art Activity – Designing your life

This activity was really cool because I basically got to blue print my future out. It was kinda scaring me because I was able to see what I needed to do within the next 5 years in order for me to accomplish what I want to be. My first choice to be a plastic surgeon is my absolute dream and Ive been committed to this journey since middle school so i’m more than certain this will be the path. What scares me most about this one is applying for medical school, and even attending medical school. I’m sure it’ll be the most difficult time of my life but I’m ready for it. My second choice would be to follow in my mother’s foot steps and work as a business type woman. She’s a CVS inventory control manager so she has a high position in that company. This would be a fun thing to do and I feel like it would get me closer to my mom. We’d be a cool mother daughter business woman team. My last option is one that I would be if I was already wealthy and had nothing better to do. I would just make cool videos and become famous on social media. I would make my images all aesthetic and go to cool places just to take pictures at them. This life would seem the most fun and easiest. It makes me sad how this life would never happen but how cool would that be! Overall this activity was nice to do and think about.



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