Wk 15 – Classmate Convo – Karle

I had the wonderful opportunity to have a conversation with Carly. At first, we just introduced ourselves and gave a little background about ourselves. I had the idea that sharing a story about a physical scar that we have would be a nice ice breaker. She has a small scar on her finger because it slammed between two things and got sliced open. This, in particular, made me laugh because I have a scar just like she did with a similar story! It was kinda crazy how she actually didn’t have many scars but I had so many that I could share a story about. I told Carly that maybe she hadn’t been living enough if she doesn’t have many scars. We then started talking about raves and concerts, and I told her how I had never been to a concert or anything like that. I then thought that maybe I hadn’t been living enough because I’ve never been to a rave or concert but Carly spends most of her money on those things. It was really cool talking to her because she made the conversation interesting and not awkward. She seems like a cool classmate that I’d be down to go to my first rave with too hahaimg_26951


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